The Genealogy and Y-DNA of the Descendants of Richard Cundiff of
Northumberland County, Virginia. Born circa 1638 died before 18 Mar 1724.
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MaggieBelle Leist Holderman
MaggieBelle Leist Holderman
Welcome to the web site dedicated to the Descendants of Richard Cundiff of Northumberland County, Virginia. Born circa 1638 died before 18 Mar 1724.

The Cundiff surname in America for the most part traces back to Richard Cundiff died 1723/1724 in Virginia. Which appears to make Richard Cundiff the original Cundiff ancestor for the majority of the Cundiff line in America.

This site is dedicated to documenting the genealogy of the Cundiff surname. This site will include sources and facts pertaining to Cundiffs and related lines, but will not include any information on living people.

If you are a Cundiff Surname Researcher, you are welcome to register to create a login and tree. You may then share your research, family tree, stories, photographs, and more. The site is free as long as you include Cundiff's in your tree.

We all spend many hours of work researching and documenting our ancestors. One of the things I have found is that our genealogy changes as we find more evidence. I have seen much of my earlier research change the shape of my genealogy. I have also seen old inaccurate research continued to get pickup by new individuals who did not know new information was available. Remember to occasionally review your other researchers information to see if you need to update your files. This site will aid Cundiff researchers with that.

My intention is to extensively use sources to provide other researchers with the exact sources which led to the conclusions. If you find I missed or have something incorrect, Please let me know by using the suggest tab on the individual pages, but be prepared to also provide the source for the change. This way anyone can look up the original source and see why it was used.

Good hunting, Gregory L. Roberts


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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Are you a Cundiff Researcher? This site now allows collaboration between Cundiff Researchers. You, your relatives, and other Cundiff researchers can work on the same tree! Contact me about uploading your Cundiff tree. Keep your research in your own tree. Only those you authorize will be able to make changes.

This site is also holds the Cundiff DNA Surname Project.

It is believed the Cundiff Surname derives from an older line spelled many different ways. All have a root of Cun and a suffix of liff. Hence the variant spellings:

Condiff, Condive, Cuncliff, Cuncliffe, Cunclyfe, Cunclyffe, Cundall, Cundcliff, Cundcliffe, Cundclyffe, Cundiff, Cundlay, Cundley, Cundlif, Cundlife, Cundliff, Cundliffe, Cundlive, Cundluff, Cundlyffe, Cunlay, Cunlef, Cunlefe, Cunleff, Cunleffe, Cunley, Cunlief, Cunliefe, Cunlieff, Cunlif, Cunlife, Cunliff, Cunliffe, Cunlive, Cunlliffe, Cunlyfe, Cunlyff, Cunlyffe, Cunlyffs, Cunnclyffe, Cunniff, Cunyngh or anything similar.

DNA testing opens up the opportunity to tie all of the Cundiffs and matching variants together according to the project goals. It also will help participants with similar names find likely relatives.

This is a YDNA Project so if you are a male of one of the surnames listed above you may join this project. If you are female you will need to have male relative with the same surname provide the DNA to join.

It is also expected for project members to provide a basic male ancestry in GEDCOM format. This will help show the relationships between families. Contact the me if you need assistance.

The objective of the Cundiff Surname Project is to shed light on three basic genealogy theories using Y DNA.

1. Identify that most of the male Cundiffs in America descend from Richard Cundiff, d. 1723 in Virginia. 2. Identify links to Cundiff ancestors in England and attempt to verify the belief that Richard Cundiff, d. 1723 in Virginia, was from Lancashire, England. 3. Prove that the Cundiffs are related to the Cunliffes of the various spellings or the Condits as found England. 4. Solve other Cundiff genealogy problems appropriate for the group.

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