The Genealogy and Y-DNA of the Descendants of Richard Cundiff of
Northumberland County, Virginia. Born circa 1638 died before 18 Mar 1724.
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How to Import a GEDCOM

Import Data

There are several options to consider when importing a GEDCOM. But do not worry, it is really not that hard.

Import Custom Event Types

The first time you Import Data, you should

  • Check the box in front of Import Custom Event Types only (no data is added, replaced or appended)
  • Import Data with Replace All option

Uploading the file

  1. From the main page click on the Administration link.
  2. Click on Import/Export
  3. Under Import GEDCOM (standard 5.5 format): Next to the From your computer: line click on Browse
  4. Find the GEDCOM file on your computer. Example: 'JimMackaySC.ged' (click here to see how to create a GEDCOM)
  5. Under Import into: select Destination Tree A default tree was set up when you created the login. If you want another tree let me know.
  6. Under Replace (in selected tree): select Matching records only unless you want to completely reload the tree.
  7. Choose which of the following options you want to use and Click Import data
  8. Next click on More Options to go to the Secondary Processes and then select Track Lines to mark all children in a family who also have children.

Need more detail on the process and the options?

Click here to see more details

Notes about privacy

  • The privacy prefix for private notes is ~ or the tilde located above the tab key. (tilde is used in PAF you can manually add in other programs)
  • The import process will hide the names of living individuals. Their names will be replaced with the word Living in the web site.
  • If a person has no birth or death date listed, the import will not hide the names. Set this way so that you can see early ancestors which may not have a birth and death date.
  • If a person has a birth date and does not have a death date they will be hidden for 100 years after the birth date. Their name replaced with the word Living.
  • If a person has a death date they will be hidden for ten years after that date. Their name replaced with the word Living.

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