The Genealogy and Y-DNA of the Descendants of Richard Cundiff of
Northumberland County, Virginia. Born circa 1638 died before 18 Mar 1724.
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ZACHARY Family of Pulaski County KY

An excerpt of a history of the Zachary family in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

From: Mittzz
Subject: ZACHARY Family of Pulaski County KY
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 14:05:17 EDT

Pages 58-59 from the book "History of Pulaski Co., Ky" by Alma Owens Tibbals

"ZACHARY" [A History of Casey County gives the Zachary family in that county
as having descended from a John Zachary of Dutch descent, but no connection
between the families can be found...a footnote.]

"Betty, Sallie, Benjamin, and John Zachary were known to have been brothers
and sisters, and it is thought that they were children of William Zachary.

Matilda Zachary, daughter of William Zachary, married Will Fitzpatrick on June
25, 1832. Margaret Fitzpatrick, daughter of a Will Fitzpatrick, married Henry
Neikirk on August 29, 1850.

Since both Sallie and John Zachary had a child named Willis, the Willis
Zachary, born March 10, 1796, died January 29, 1857, may have been their

Betty Zachary married ----Cundiff.

Sallie Zachary married Stephen Woodcock on January 26, 1819, and her children
were: Willis, William, Robert, Green, and Mary Woodcock.

On March 6, 1810, John Zachary married Frances Vaughan, daughter of Samuel and
Mourning Hope Vaughan. His children were: Willis Fields; Jane (Mrs. John
Arthur); Elizabeth (Mrs. Allen Jones); Louisa (Mrs. Dave Cundiff); Permelia
(Mrs. Dickey F. Cundiff); Harriett; and John Vaughan Zachary, who married
Pamelia Q. Porter, daughter of Joseph and Ann Campbell Porter.

John Vaughan Zachary's children were: Mary Frances (Mrs. James Knox Polk
Collins); Martha Ann (Mrs. Francis Marion Cox); Bettie (Mrs. Will Jones); and
James Brent Zachary.

James Brent Zachary's children were Eva and Everett Zachary. Everett's
children were James and Etta Zachary.

Among Benjamin Zachary's children were: Polly, who married Andrew Gibson, Dec
14, 1839; Amanda, who married James Richardson; Charles, who married Louise
Moore; and Addie Eliza, wo married Mit Ingram.

{footnote: Information by L. C. Rice, Jr., son of Martha Frances Cox.}

Date23 May 1998
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